Here at The Swim Academy we not only recommend but we require that if your child is still in diapers that they use the washable and reusable style. The reasoning behind this is because they fit better and they are much less prone to let anything slip out in case of an accident. There are other reasons why reusable diapers are a better choice than disposable such as :

  1. Reusable swim diapers are much easier to get your child in and out of. Disposable diapers pull on and off like underwear which causes difficulties. The reusable diapers have velcro tabs or snaps which makes it easier to work with or are elastic around the waist and legs.
  2. Once you get the disposable diapers wet, they swell up and sag, so if your kid is in and out of the pool or ocean a lot, you need to change them out quite often which can get expensive.
  3. Since the disposable diapers are made out of polyester or neoprene, there are a lot of complaints about rashes on children who use them as opposed to the reusable diapers which are made out of cloth.