Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim classes are designed to teach water safety and an introduction to a basic freestyle. This is a developmentally based instruction program. Students will learn their balance, buoyancy, safety float, and beginning kick and arms within this class.

These are taught as a private class one-on-one with the instructor and student.

Classes are broken down by age as well as swim level.

These lessons are taught in water that is over the child’s head and without goggles so children learn first how to handle themselves in the water before introducing an aid.

The Jellyfish class is the first level of our learn to swim program. This class is meant for any age student beginning as early as 6 months of age. In a private class setting these classes are taught typically twice a week for 20 minutes each class.

This class focuses on the basics of getting air, learning balance in the water, and the body positions that are necessary to learn to swim. This is a fundamental class that prepares students for success as they continue through the curriculum.

This is a hands-on class and is taught in less than half the pool and can be taught both on a platform and wall. Typical tools used in this class are a platform, toys, bubbles, a barbell, and a floating island.

The Pufferfish class is the second level of the learn to swim program. Swimmers of any age 6 months and older are eligible for this level as long as they have cleared the Jellyfish level.
This class focuses on building safety skills and beginning swimming skills. This level focuses on building independence and gaining confidence in an aquatic environment. This is an essential safety level that will give students the foundation to be independent and as safe as they can be in the water.

Tang is the final level of the Learn to Swim module. In this section we will finish the safety skills and work on the beginnings of freestyle, getting the student ready for longer distances of swimming and assuring they are able to take care of themselves in the water and know-how to actively participate in a larger group class. These are 20-minute private classes.

Program Learn to Swim
Private Lessons Ages 6 Months – 4 Years
Semi-Private Lessons Ages 2.5 Years & Up
Snappers Group Ages 3-4 Years
Focus Safety Skills
Coach Style Positive Reinforcement
Session Length 2 Days a Week/Calendar Month
Lesson Length 20 Minutes
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