There are many different kinds of boats, from canoes and kayaks to jet-skis and motorboats. Here are some boating safety tips to keep in mind.

  1. When boating, make sure that everyone is wearing a life jacket. Make sure that the jacket fits tight. To test if the jacket is too big for someone, have them raise both arms straight up in the air while in the water and if the jacket comes up and touches the ears then the jacket is too big.
  2. Infants and younger kids have a higher risk for hypothermia so make sure that you take extra towels and blankets with you on the boat in case the temperature drops and someone gets cold.
  3. Take proper safety gear on your boat such as:
  1. Duct tape – In case you spring a leak, you can use duct tape to patch it until you get back to shore. 
  2. Bucket – Even if the boat isn’t leaking, water can get into the boat in many different ways, and a bucket can help you bail the water out of the craft.
  3. First aid kit – A first aid kit is vital in case of an accident.
  4. Whistle – A recognized call for help. Blow a whistle to get the attention of other boaters or individuals who may be able to help.
  5. Ropes – Ropes can be used for many different reasons such as pulling someone back to the boat who has fallen into the water, docking puropes, and securing objects to the boat in extreme weather conditions.
  6. Mirror – A mirror or any other reflective materials can be used to get someone’s attention if you are callingl for help.
  7. Fire extinguisher – Vital in case of a fire on the craft.
  8. Garbage bags – Garbage bags can be used as rain ponchos or to cover objects in inclement weather.
  9. Life jackets – Life jackets are a must. You should make sure that there is a life jacket for every person on board before heading out on the water.