At The Swim Academy we discourage the use of floaties. They are fine if used as a toy, but they are NOT a replacement for swim lessons for learning how to swim. Here are a few reasons why we believe floaties are not a good idea. 

  1. They are not dependable. If your child becomes reliant on floaties and something goes wrong they are going to be in a bad situation in the water. Examples of what could go with the floaties are deflation, or the child’s arms sliding out of them.
  2. Floaties can give the child too much confidence, and make them feel like they are safe when they might not know the dangers that come with using them.
  3. Being horizontal in the water is the natural position for swimming. When using floaties it forces the child into a vertical position. If someone is going to become a confident swimmer it is an absolute must for them to be comfortable being horizontal in the water.
  4. They are not coast guard approved, which is why they are considered a toy not a safety device.